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To the team, thank you so much for bringing to life ‘The Coffee Man’ book.


I remember just after I won the World Barista Championships back in 2015, I said that I would like to write a book about coffee. The Sunday Press publisher said that she would help me publish it and guide me to make this happen.


Back then, I had no idea what this amazing woman would go through to help me to achieve this dream. She actually played a major part in helping Roland, Jeff and me with the sponsorship for The Coffee Man movie. We had no idea how to approach sponsorship and what to do but she always managed to find time to guide us in the right direction.

This took so much of her time and money, as she flew across Australia to Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne for meetings just to help us to raise enough funds to make this movie. On top of that, she always found time to call me or send me a quick e-mail just to make sure I was up to date with writing.


I was always late with writing and if this was anyone else they would probably give up on me. No matter how late I was with the book and how bad my writing was, she was always encouraging and tried to do anything she could to make sure I was on the right track.


You are a truly amazing person and you have an amazing team! It is a privilege for all of us in the coffee industry to have your support. I am so privileged to know you personally and to have such an amazing friend. On behalf of the ONA Coffee, the Project Origin teams and my family, I cannot thank you enough for your amazing work.



I could have never completed the mammoth task of putting this book together and marketing it in such a short timeframe without the help and support of Jonette and her company, Sunday Press.

Putting this book together was an emotional ordeal and quite a journey for all involved. The deeper we delved into COVID and Bali, the more personally involved Jonette became. Not only did she donate her time but also her money. I would like this generosity to be known. As you have read the three maps in this book where the winners of a fierce competition between the six schools of the East Bali Poverty Project. Jonette put up prize money for the winning students as well as funds to replenish the art departments of these schools.

As my book came to fruition, it became evident that two hundred something pages were never going to be enough. Jonette made it possible for an extra two hundred pages to be added. On behalf of myself, my team and these five amazing organisations represented in my book, I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Terima kasih banyak Ibu Jonette

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