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Sunday Press can create the perfect marketing tool to brand your entity and keep it alive for years to come. A custom book is the perfect fundraising tool that can continue to raise funds for years to come. We have worked with many not-for-profit organisations that created books to establish and maintain their brand, as well as raised significant funds for their business. 

We have helped raise over $500,000 for 5 charities in Bali through our Crowdfunder Book Sale for Our Bali Your Bali and won the Best Fundraising Cookbook in Asia for our efforts!


Sunday Press worked with restaurateur & chef, Dean Keddell, to produce a stunning cookbook which has raised well over $500,000 and won the BEST FUNDRAISING BOOK 2022 in the International Gourmand Awards, held this year in Sweden.

With recipes from his heart, home and local families - this cookbook is a sensational tribute to the welcoming spirit of the Balinese people. 

Please go to Chuffed to view our campaign and please contact us to discuss ways your fundraising could become significant with the use of a book!

10 Years with STREAT

We have been collaborating with STREAT from its inception and this, our third book together, is a celebration of their ten years in service. STREAT trains homeless youth in hospitality so that after six months, they are employable. Launching in November, we have printed 10,000 copies of  The Greater Hunger, which is a history of their first ten years, a compilation of recipes from their bakery, cafe and coffee roastery, and tips on growing your own vegetables and becoming more environmentally aware.





With over 130 brunch recipes from 100 iconic Melbourne cafes, this book is a best-seller. ​Launched in May 2020, we have printed over 3,000 copies of Brunch in Melbourne. Sunday Press worked with OnePlate to produce a cookbook which is being used to raise funds for their global efforts building community gardens. The fruit and vegetable projects empower local children to produce a sustainable source of food for them and their families.

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This beautiful children's story was written by Family Law QC, Darren Mort, and illustrated in-house by Niama Wessely. We printed 5,000 copies. Launched in May 2019, the book is designed as a fund-raiser and to provide public benevolent relief to children and young adults experiencing extreme physical, psychological and/or emotional distress as a result of family violence, family breakdown, separation and or/divorce.

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