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Whether you are a chef, budding cook, restaurateur, or just have a passion for good food and helpful tips, writing a cookbook is a great way to share your talents and ideas. As expert cookbook publishers in Melbourne, Sunday Press can help you realise your dreams and get your recipes and food creations out into the world.

Not only are cookbooks great for connecting with your audience through a common love for food, but they allow you to share techniques and new combinations, all while growing your brand and establishing a committed group of readers. You can meet your audience on a personal level with cookbooks and tell them the origins of your food and how you came to enjoy creating your recipes and sharing them. Like all books, forming a bond with your reader is paramount. Our team of professional cookbook publishers have extensive experience in this and treat cookbooks more like snapshots into a cook’s life rather than just an instruction manual.


Create a relationship with your audience with the help of our publishers

At Sunday Press, we take great pride in creating custom books that meet our client’s requests and are enjoyable for the audience to read. With photography, copywriting, editing and design all taken care of by our talented team, we offer a comprehensive service that allows you to focus on your business while we compile your book.

With over 12 years’ experience producing custom books, corporate books and cookbooks, we know how to carefully curate content that is captivating. We also offer printing and binding services to complete the process, and only take on a select amount of clients each year to preserve quality and give you our best work.

Our publishers would love to work with you, speak to us today

To speak to a team member at Sunday Press, call 0481 795 572 or email your project idea to us and we can set up a time to meet in person to go over the details and how we can help. A face-to-face meeting allows us to walk you through the publishing process and explain the services we offer in greater detail.


We would love to bring your book to life, so reach out today.

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